The Global Currency Reset

18 Jul


1.) World-Wide Broadcast Announcement across all communication air-waves that The Republic together with the Common Law and Sovereignty of the People being Restored. N.E.S.A.R.A. – Law with many more world wide broadcast of these Announcements.

2.) World-Wide Broadcast that The Fed Reserve will be dissolved, the FRN will be discontinued, (FRN will be exchanged 1-for-1 with the new UST currency) the Introduction of the New Revalued United States Treasury Currency and that the IRS will merge or be absorbed into UST (with only an accounting fiduciary capacity).

3.) There is a global event that has been unfolding during the twenty-plus years. The Basil III Protocols (which include the Global Currency Reset) have required the cooperation of many nations – 198, to be exact.

4.) What gets in the way from time to time with regard to this Global Currency Reset (as has happened the entire month of July) is the security of the entire world, along with the security of the people across the globe and the security of the new systems being implemented and readied all across the globe to happen in unison once the various Announcements are made.

5.) All Fiat currencies will become a thing of the past due to ongoing pervasive fraud and devaluation of paper currencies; each Nation’s new Currencies will be backed by assets (precious metals, oil, commodities, etc.).

6.) Basil III (or Third Basil Accord) is a global, voluntary regulatory standard on bank capital adequacy, stress testing and market liquidity risk. It was agreed upon by the members of the Basil Committee on Banking Supervision in 2010-2011, and was scheduled to be introduced from 2013 through 2015; Basil III was supposed to strengthen bank capital requirements by increasing bank liquidity and bank leverage.

7.) Precious metal (gold and silver, etc.) prices are manipulated. Currently the precious metals prices are dropping. Why? Something big is about to happen. What? The Global Currency Reset will take those 198 Nations Currencies and Revalue up based on that Country’s assets (among other things).

8.) So instead of a crash – which is inevitable given the current fiscal structure, there will be a Global Currency Reset, which is underway as we speak.

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